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  • Date / 1 July 2008

IHEYO: Uttam, since 2006 you are now involved with IHEYO while being part of the EC? How do you see the development of IHEYOs work and also the structure of the network?  

Uttam: Thank you for the question. Personally, I am optimistic about the progress of IHEYO in last two years. It is really growing very fast. It is developing its contacts and strategies rapidly.  Maybe it is because of excited young and commitment. Even though IHEYO is completely a volunteer organisation, I found the team highly dedicated and hard working for gearing IHEYO up.

The idea of making a strong regional group of IHEYO shows that the organisation is trying to be more nearer to local people in their local issue. Next good thing I found in IHEYO is, that nobody cares about being formal to each other. It is like a family for me. I can share everything among the team without any hesitation.  Such working way and structure of IHEYO really attracts me.   IHEYO: You are now the Interim President of IHEYO and also the head of the Asian Working Group AHA. How is it possible to combine these both seats with your professional education way, your studies or are there some parallels in the working procedures for you?  

Uttam: Of course here are many things to combine in my life this time. I am taking this as an opportunity for developing my leadership quality. I take my responsibility learning many things more than just coordinating. So it is also a part of study. And it is fun too.

Although, being the Interim President of IHEYO and the coordinator of AHA seems two different responsibilities, but it is not. I am working on promotion of youth humanism on both responsibilities. I am a student of political science now and current issue we are reading in university right now, is the issue dealing how to be a humanist in this world now.

And of course I am professionally a broadcast journalist in Nepal. Technically it is a different task, but I am trying my best to put humanistic ideas on journalism too. My reporting is not only collecting and disseminating information, but also analyzing the long term impact of happenings of each event.  One example is the issue of Mr. Robert Mugabe. I use to write this news for my radio at the same time I am inviting experts to discuss about how to make the environment which will kick such a character’s people our in our system.

While collecting news of Tibet issue, I also get opportunity to analyze the Tibet issue in humanistic work. So what ever I am an Interim President, coordination of AHA or a journalist, my life stance is humanist. I put this on focus and see the surroundings in my every professional and individual life.    IHEYO: When you look back to your active period in IHEYO, what was the most memorable moment/situation for you? And when was the worst one, you can remember?  

Uttam: Yes I think I have now full two years experience in the Executive Committee of IHEYO.  I am not sure, if I am acting actively or not, but I am trying my best from my level. Mostly I have been very happy in this period in IHEYO. I really feel lucky to work with such a friendly and cooperative team like IHEYO.  Of course the first day of winning the executive membership of IHEYO in Vijayawada was the most memorable moment for me. Because, it was the first day of entering in such an active position of a globally renowned umbrella youth organization belonging to my own life stance.

And the first day of the Asian Humanist Alliance (AHA) formation was also one of the happiest days during that period. It was just after the India conference in 2006.    IHEYO: The latest theme of our Youth Conference in Washington was “The Future of Youth Humanism”: What is your wish for IHEYOs future?  

Uttam: The theme of the Washington Conference was really important. I think IHEYO has made some clear vision on the future of youth humanism.  At the same time the young humanists are more organised after this event for a better future. Silvana Uhlrich (Elected president), along with other IHEYO members played a great role for integrating youth effort together.

Especially IHEYO role to introduce with American students was really appreciable for the future of youth Humanism. The role of our current treasurer and former President Gea Meijers, former President Lars-Petter and current 2nd Vice-President Sara Wastijn having a meeting with the IHEU board for close relation shows we are uniting our strength to fight against anti-humanist forces in future.   IHEYO is the active youth humanist umbrella organisation. I wish to collect more active young humanist individuals and organisations all over the world. I also wish that IHEYO will spread out its wings in each country in some years. IHEYO will be able to contribute the world eradicating all the human injustice. I wish that IHEYO will have very strong regional working groups to deal with local problem belongings to our youth. 

Uttam Niraula, 24 years old, is a professional broadcast Journalist in Nepal. He lives in Kathmandu, the capitol of Nepal. His Motto of life is: Be Human Make Human.

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