News around the world I – Pakistan – Statement of Qasir Ismail

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  • Date / 30 September 2008

III) Statement of Qasir Ismail in the name of CRY: CONVERSION of ANP to ISLAM

ANP [Awami (Pro-people) National Party] is considered as a continuation of Indian National Congress in Pakistan. It claims to be follower of the political ideas of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan a close associate to Mahatma Ghandi and his philosophy of Non-Violence. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan strongly disagreed with the plan of division of India in to two States one BHARAT and Pakistan. He was against the very idea of Pakistan because the division of India and creation of Pakistan was based on Religion. The British Colonialists used the religion to divide the movement of Independence of India and Pakistan was gifted to those friends of Colonialists who always supported and justified the British Rule in the India.

When Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan knew about the Congress agreement to the Indian Davison Plan and creation of Pakistan his eyes became full of tears (India Wins Freedom by Maulan Abul Kalam Azad). He did not accept the division on Religious basis and demanded for a separate State for Pakhtoons in the name of Pakhtoonistan (Bannu Resolution). Khan Abdul Ghaffar was a Secular politician and he was very disturbed by the decision made by Indian National Congress to violate the basic concepts and Values of the Politics that is Secularism and Human Rationalism. He always believed in separation of religion and state.

ANP was considered as the only mass based political party openly expressing its Secular Stance in politics. Peoples Party of Pakistan never remained and acknowledged as a Secular Party as it has been advocating for a so-called “Islamic Socialism” and claimed that Islam was its religion. The role of Leadership of Peoples Party always remained ambiguous, pro-establishment/Imperialism, and even Hypocoristic. In the Election held on February 18, 2008, ANP was able to bag some seats with marginal votes in NWFP (North West Frontier Province of Pakistan) because Jumati Islami boycotted the elections and it found the ground free for it. The province had facing the threat of TALIBANIZATION and some parts of the province are under control of the Religious Fanatics and Extremists.

The main agenda and demand of the Religious Fanatics is to introduce Islamic Judicial System. The system that is introduced by them in the Tribal and the other areas in their control. They use two types of punishment in their judicial system, one is slaughtering, and the other is lashing. They implement their verdicts and sentences against the so-called culprits in a ground openly in the presence of Media and public. The newspapers print these photographs. All the process is made openly and well announced before the execution, the time , date and venue is shared by the press and public. (Where is the State?, it is there but it is blind and surrendered). As soon as the ANP the so-called Secular and Nationalist Political party came into power in the province, it began to give more concessions to the Islamic Militants and Fanatics. It signed peace accords with Islamic Militants (TALIBAN), accepted all their demands, freed their prisoners who were the criminals and promised to implement Islamic Judicial System in the area in the influence of the Fanatics and Extremists.

A religious political Leader Fazlur Rehman gave a reaction to this decision and warned the Government of the consequences of their decisions. He was very right in saying that now the extremism and fanaticism will strengthen and spread all over the country and as the people will follow the way adopted by the TALIBAN and will create an anarchy in the province and country. People will learn a lesson that there is only way to solve their demands that is the way of Militancy. ANP is introducing a new judicial system called Islamic Justice System in the Northern area of the province called MALKAND Division. ”The NWFP government on Saturday (27 September 08) finalized its proposed amendments to the Shariah Nizam-e-Adl Regulations 1999, which would be implemented by the end of the current year in the erstwhile Malakand division.

In a statement, the ANP representative said the Shariah system, as per desires of the local people and TALIBAN, would be implemented in the current month. The religious Political Parties and the Militants have rejected this plan. Thy have called it insufficient and are demanding for doing MORE. Jamaat-e-Islami provincial chief and former NWFP senior minister Sirajul Haq has doubted the sincerity and credibility of the ANP merely based on being a secular party, which he said had no mandate to implement Shariah in the province.
Likewise, Maulana Fazlullah led Taliban, who are engaged in clashes with security forces in Swat, also termed the government initiative as “insufficient” and a “hollow slogan” towards promulgation of Shariah in “its true spirit” in their area. Islam is a religion and religion is a private matter of all the people. The world has learnt from its experiences that it is better to keep the State and Religion separated. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan openly spoke about it and he advocated his Secular Philosophy vocally. He was in Afghanistan. NAP(the earlier ANP) formed Provincial Governments in NWFP and Baluchistan after Dhaka Fall. ANP had alliance with Jamiatula Ulamai Islam (JUI) and Mufti Mehmood father of Fazlur Rehman was Chief Minister in NWFP. NAP people requested Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan to come Pakistan. He came Pakistan but when he knew about the situation he openly criticized NAP and spoke in a speech in a public gathering in THAND KOI Swabi, that he had cornered the Clerics to Mosque but you people brought them to Chair. (It is very clear that he focused on keeping religion and state seperate.) 

By implementing so-called Islamic Laws ANP has deviated from its agenda, which was supposed to follow its secular and progressive agenda besides winning rights of the people of the province being a Secular and Nationalist party. It is irony that the Religious Fanatics and Militants are succeeding to fulfill their agenda by pressurizing the leadership of ANP and are very successful in converting the so-called secular, progressive and communists of the past to covert to Islam. Qaisar Ismail

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