Project of the month – Jam session

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 30 September 2008

Three young girls (Jenny, Christin and Angelique) have been asked, if they would like to take part in a project. It was told them about children in India, who cannot go to school as they have to work for the survival of the family. That knowledge made them sad and they decided to support these children. “We have sat together and have thought about ideas and solutions to help. As the summer was close to our doors, we thought about collecting fruits to make some jam and to sell it then. We painted flyer and banner where we wrote down that we are searching for fruits and jam glasses. On the next day we went from neighbour to neighbour, from house to house to ask for the peoples support. The same evening we could start our first preparation round. Over the following days we got more and more fruit donations. After making made enough jam we went to the public swimming pool, to festivals and markets for selling our products. Through that we could raise a lot of money.”

Indeed, it was a lot of money. The three girls could collect 627 Euros in that time period. As the Atheist Centre was present with nine members taking part in the Youth exchange programm between the Humanist Freethinker Association Germany and the Atheist Centre from India, the girls could give their own collected financial support directly to the leader of the group, Dr. Vijayam, who was much impressed and overwhelmed by that great idea and engagement of these girls.

Although this money can be just a symbol of hope, it is a sign for taking care for others and helping to make the world a bit more worthful to live. Thanks to you girls. Thanks for your hope.

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