Islamic states ban secular and Human Rights websites

  • Date / 17 November 2008

The Arabic Network for Human Rights reports that the website of Arab Secularists http://www.3almani.org is facing a campaign to block it in Arab states. Five states have already blocked the site, making it the most-blocked website, surpassing even the Alhewar website http://www.ahewar.org which has been blocked in four Arab countries.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and Bahrain have blocked both sites and they have now been joined by Syria in blocking the Arab Secularists website.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said: “It is not surprising that these websites have been blocked by these states, but it is strange that the most-blocked websites have a secularist trend, which reveals the stance of these states against the secularist and democratic values called for by these websites. Strangest of all is the fact that the United Arab Emirates have joined the list of countries that have this animosity to the Internet.”


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