Prof. A. C. Grayling joins IHEU at the Human Rights Council in Geneva

  • Date / 15 November 2008

A. C. Grayling, Professor of Philosophy at Birkbeck College London, is one of Britain’s leading technical philosophers with a gift for making philosophy intelligible to the layman. A Fellow of the World Economic Forum, the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Society of Literature, Anthony Grayling is also an honorary associate of the National Secular Society and a distinguished supporter of the British Humanist Association. He has written widely on contemporary issues from war crimes to secularism and euthanasia and is one of the leading defenders of Enlightenment values in the English-speaking world. He now joins Roy Brown and the IHEU team at the Human Rights Council where his incisiveness and clarity of exposition will add welcome strength to IHEU’s work in defence of Human Rights.

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