IHEYO member: BundesJuhus

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 31 December 2008

Dear IHEYO members,

We are glad to be part of IHEYO in order to support and learn from other humanist associations in the international sphere whose main focus lies on youth issues and youth work. Potsdam 2008 was a new step for us! The admission motivates us to be included in projects on an international level and to cooperate with IHEYO and its members. We would like to contribute to realize the ideas and aims of IHEYO here in Germany.

BundesJuHu is the umbrella organization of youth organizations, that belong to the federal associations of the “German humanism organization” (HVD). Our main function is the coordination between the federal youth associations. That implies helping and supporting each other, creating new financial possibilities for activities and establishing and realizing corporate projects. We are also a platform for communal and federal associations to take influence and to be recognized by society and political representatives.

The concrete practical work of our members takes place on communal and federal levels. Their spheres of work have congruencies but at the same time a lot of differences: emphasizes reach from supporting and organizing projects like youth travel (in Germany and other European countries), over international youth exchange, to discussions about societal and political issues: Additionally, focuses lie on the “Jugendfeier” (civic initiation ceremony) and other cultural offers by the HVD, cooperation with NGOs and other associations, political education of youth e.g. to support democracy and to stop extremism and inhuman behavior, supporting social projects, issuing statements to political and societal issues and many more activities.

The recent most important activity to be realized was the first national meeting of BundesJuHu in October 2008 in Berlin. Nearly forty young humanists from Berlin, Brandenburg, Lower Saxony Magdeburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Württemberg discussed ideas, future internal and external activities as well as projects. On the last day of the national meeting, the general assembly elected a new executive board and made decisions about internal and external cooperation, internal communication and public relations to further develop BundesJuHu.

BundesJuHu is glad to have found a partner in you in cooperation with whom we want to elaborate and progress in our common aims and visions.

‘Viele Grüße aus Deutschland’, your BundesJuHus.

Contact: [email protected]

Visit us on www.juhu-bund.de.

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