Why is Secularism essential? Sweden, 8 March 2009

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  • Date / 18 February 2009

The Organisation for Women’s Liberation is holding an international conference in Sweden on thr occasion of International Women’s Day, 8 March 2009, called: Why is Secularism essential? The conference will focus on the detrimental effect of religion on women’s lives.

International Conference in Gothenburg/Sweden on 8 March 2009

Why is Secularism essential?

Organization for Women’s Liberation is organizing a one day conference in commemoration of 8 March, International women’s day on the impact of religion on the situation and status of women. Why is secularism essential? In this conference veteran women’s right activists and scholars are coming together to analyze the devastating effects of rise of religious movements and religion’s influence in the running of state in many countries on the situation of women: the effect of catholic church, orthodox church, Judaism and political Islam will be discussed.

Among the speakers will be:

Homa Arjomand; coordinator of No Sharia Campaign; Canada/Iran

Caroline Fourest; writer; journalist and women’s rights activist; France

Maria Hagberg; Chair of Network against Honour Crimes; Sweden

Lilian Halls French; sociologist, President of the European Feminist Initiative; France

Azar Majedi; President of OWL, writer; England/Iran

Layla Naffa Hamarneh; Director of Projects, Arab Women Organisation of Jordan

Frances Raday: Chair, Israeli Association for Freedom of Science, Religion and Culture; Israel

Nina Sankari; Polish Rationalist Organisation and EFI Poland

Sabine Salmon; President of Femmes Solidaires; France

Lisa Sorush; women’s right activist; Afghanistan

Moderator: Maryam Kousha; editor of Women’s Liberation,

We invite all concerned feminists, secularists and human right activists to participate in this event. We need to demonstrate a show of secularist strength against the inroads of religion in society.

Make a note of the date: 7 March 2009
Venue: Folkets Hus Göteborg
Olof Palmes Plats

Admission: 100 SKr or 10 Euros

For more information or to register please write to:

[email protected]

Phone: Azar Majedi:+44 (0)7886973423

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