Media zero to media hero — high level of interest in IHEU free webinar – FAQ / Q&A

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  • Date / 20 May 2009

A free recorded version of the webinar is now available. IHEU has received a great deal of interest in its first ever free webinar / telesummit for humanist leaders. Humanist leaders from almost twenty nations have already signed up to learn how the media works… and how they can work the media. We now have an FAQ / Q&A. Register now!

Media Zero to Media Hero:
A publicity workshop for humanist leaders
Organized by the International Humanist and Ethical Union
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 from 1 pm to 2 pm EDT (other time zones)

If you have not already reserved your place at this event, we urge you to do so now. Places are limited and advance registration is required. To register now go to http://tinyurl.com/IHEUmedia

We’ve also been receiving some questions about this event. Please take a moment to see if we’ve answered your question/concern here:

1. How much is IHEU charging for this event? Nothing. The event is provided for free as a service to representatives of IHEU Member Organizations and IHEU Annual Supporters.
2. What about the cost of phone calls? Participants in most countries, but not all, can call in for free on special toll free numbers. You will be sent the toll free number for your country when you register.
3. Will the advice apply to the media outside the United States? Yes, most of it will be applicable anywhere. The presenters have some expertise with non-American media. And most of the general principles of good media relations apply in all countries. However, there are some differences in media markets and also local and cultural differences. How to deal with these differences will be addressed during the presentation.
4. What equipment will I need to take part? The only equipment that is absolutely necessary is a telephone (or Skype) to listen and join in the teleseminar. But there will also be an online Powerpoint-based visual presentation that goes with the audio presentation. So a computer that can access the Internet while you are using the phone line is very helpful but not essential. The basic Powerpoint presentation will also be sent to you in advance, so you can run this on your computer even if you do not have live internet access at the time of the call.
5. I’ve never taken part in a teleseminar or webinar before; how can I prepare to make sure it works for me? Register in advance and then follow the instructions. After registering you will be able to test your computer for compatibility in advance of the meeting. At the time of the event, you will have to call into the local toll free number, or the US number, and enter the access code you received after registering. You will also use this access code to log into the webpage.
6. I want to attend, but the time is difficult for me. No worries! A recording of the seminar will be sent to everyone who registers for the event. (So make sure you register regardless if you can make the live call or not.) But please do try to attend: we have left time during the event to answer specific questions from you.
7. What time is 1pm EDT where I live? EDT is daylight saving time (summer time) on the East Coast of the US. So 1pm EDT is 6pm in London, 7pm in Paris, etc. Go to www.timeanddate.com to see the webinar start time in your local time zone.
8. What topics will be covered?
Topics will include:

  • identifying which type of media outlets to pursue
  • knowing what reporters want to cover
  • determining the best timing for an important announcement
  • developing relationships with reporters
  • discovering what reporters want to see on your web site
  • the 5 key media relations tools that help you get publicity

To register to gain access to the webinar details, including the URL to view the webinar and call in number, go to http://tinyurl.com/IHEUmedia

Questions? Please email

About the Presenters:

Matt Cherry is a long-time humanist leader with a background in public relations. His articles have appeared in publications from the Guardian (UK) to the Los Angeles Times, and he has represented the humanist view in media across the world, including the BBC World Service and Voice of America. He is currently International Representative for IHEU.

Shannon Cherry is a TV news anchor turned PR professional. She has created and run publicity campaigns for groups ranging from Minolta Cameras to the United States Department of Justice, as well as many non-profit groups. She is president of BeHeardSolutions.com and has been named one of the top 30 PR bloggers in the world and ranked #1 for Publicity on Twitter.

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