Summer and Climate Change

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  • Date / 6 July 2009

Dear Readers of the YouthSpeak,

The summer is here with the sun and lots of rain. While many heaves a sign of relief, shouting “Hurray!” for another opportunity to party, others are just glad that at least they could have their deserved break. It is indeed different shades for different folks.

Yet, many are unlucky with their own climatic condition. This is essentially why Climate Change has become a policy issue all over the world.  A new movie by Yann Arthus-Bertrand “Home” underscored this precarious state of the global climatic condition and the little efforts being made to tackle the situation. I think many of us have already seen the movie on Youtube or just got an idea of it somewhere else.

Seeing the beauty of our world again in this mass of pictures and the fatal mistakes of humans destroying this beauty spurred me into thinking. Indeed, the movie reminds me of the global diversity: people with different backgrounds, religions and  traditions. Yet unable to appreciate the beauty of this diversity.

It also made me to examine the human craze for power and riches, forgeting the fact that the only real way to satisfaction is Happiness and love. Although it always sounds a bit esotheric or simple, it has so much truth embedded.

One wonderful moment of this movie, that I found interesting, is the turning point from the worse situation of today to things which were already changed for supporting all life on earth; to  protect our human resources, to make people aware that all hope is not but that each person can do something, no matter how small for its best.

The clear message here is: It is too late to be pessimistic. How wonderful this sentence sounds to me in relation to our human goal of championing equal rights  for all humans.

It is too late to be pessimistic. So, that means it is just time to raise your head, to stop negative thoughts  and start something.

I wish you a happy summer-time.

Silvana Uhlrich, President.

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