IHEYO Youthspeak – August 2009

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 5 August 2009

The August issue of Youthspeak is now available. This issue includes: Presidential Note – Thinking of October; Editorial – For the Sake of Yesterday, Today and the Future; Russian Pupils to have a choice of religion, ethics; Swine Flu Scare: Communion wafer banned, Saudi bans pilgrims; Talibans attack four northern Nigerian states; Placenta-derived stem cells may help sufferers of lung diseases; Homosexuals left traumatised by ceremonial ‘cure’; Natalia Estemirova, Russian rights activist, found murdered; Project of the Month – Are you warming up for October? Column/Opinion – Come and let’s share ideas on Secularism; Humanist Portrait – Michael Jackson: Award-Winning Supporter of Charities; Member in Focus – Tarksheel Society Punjab; Book Review/Resource – The MDG Youth Report; and Humanist Humour – Welcome to Hell!

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