Have you received a letter from the Norwegian Church?

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 2 September 2009

The Humanistiskungdom, youth arm of the Human Etisk Forbund, Norway, carried out an advocacy project recently to sensitize the Norwegian youths on the membership letters sent to many  of  them by the Norwegian Church.
Information about the choice card:
The Norwegian Church sent out letters with optional cards to all voting members of the Norwegian Church.
The humanistiskungdom action
They see it as an excellent opportunity to clean up the mess in membership  alloted by the church as the people will know whether they are members of the Church or not. 140,000 unbaptized children of parents who are members of the Church is registered as “the member”. The Norwegian Church does not know when babies are registered, and those belonging to remain a member in the register at the age of 18. But according to Norwegian law, everyone has authority over his/her own life when you are 15 years. This means that you have the right to decide what religion you want, or if you want to have a religion at all.
The humanistiskungdom campaigned vigorously and enlightened many young humanists on their right to belong to either the Church or the Humanist fold.Today, the product of that advocacy which complimented that organised by the parent body, HEF, is the attainment of 75,000 membership.


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