Malawi debates Humanism vs. Christianity

  • post Type / Growth and Development
  • Date / 18 December 2009

Humanism continues to take root and grow in the Southern African nation of Malawi. An inaugural conference in 2008 and a second national conference in 2009 were both funded by the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). Now the Association of Secular Humanism (ASH) in Malawi is taking part in a high-profile debate—titled “Which is Good for Malawi: Christianity or Secular Humanism?”—which will be broadcast live on national radio on December 27.

The debate will feature George Thindwa, Director of the Association of Secular Humanism, and Pastor Nick Chackwera. It will be held at the Cresta Hotel in Lilongwe on Sunday, December 27 at 7pm. Admission is MK200. It can also be heard live on Zodiak Radio Station.

IHEU has supported the creation and growth of the Association of Secular Humanism in Malawi as part of its growth and development program. Leo Igwe, IHEU’s representative for East and Southern Africa, has visited the group and coordinated grants that will help increase its size and public impact. IHEU’s growth and development work can be supported with donations at: https://www.iheu.org/payment.php

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