The HAWK Project of YHN

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 6 December 2009
It is hard to imagine, today, that cases of witch-hunting can still be so commonplace in the face of global techno-scientific advancements. Yet, it is a reality that many children and aged women are subjected to humiliating conditions, and even killed sometimes, for being witches. The fundamental goal of the YHN-HAWK Project is to prevent a recurrence of happenings in the dark ages when many are tried and summarily executed at stakes for witchcraft allegations.
The three cardinal focus of this project are:
P- Prosecution (of erring religious leaders and parents) for deterrence
E- Enlightenment to wean the public from the con religious leaders feeding fat on their ignorance
R- Reunification of the stigmatized with their families for future’s sake
The YHN-HAWK Project is supported locally by humanists and human rights individuals and groups, and internationally by the Human Etisk Forbund, Oslo section and HAMU, both in Norway.
Read more about the HAWK Project here: http://hawkafrica.blogspot.com
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