Youths and new year resolutions

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  • Date / 10 January 2010
If you are reading this short piece, it means you made year 2010 and that you survived the mixed fun and dangers of 2009. Congrats!
Looking back, personally, I can’t but be glad that at least, I still breath (and that am alive and kicking), despite the many religious crisis, economic dangers and security threats that engulfed the world, most especially my own ‘consitutency’, Africa, in 2009. The most annoying was the failed terrorist act that happened at the tail end of the year when everyone is almost ready to heave a sigh of relieve. Sincerely, am most glad for those lucky ones that survived the suicide bombing attempt carried out by that brain-washed Nigerian youngman, Farouk AbdulMuttalab. I am so sure that many of the survivors drank themselves to stupor at the eve of the new year. 
Can you imagine? Just seven days to the end of the year! That AlQueda programmed robot in human flesh really meant business! But wait a minute,  as a youngman, did Farouk took that decision on the eve of 2009? I mean, did he actually, while jotting some of his plans and aspirations for the new year, wrote down: “I will die fighting for Islam through any means”? Or, “I will detonate a bomb to prove that Allah is God”? Am curious to know if indeed he made that resolution or believe in resolutions at all. 
Resolutions are annual rituals that many never fail to partake in. It involves taking a vow to uphold some decisions, plans and list of proposed actions for the new year. Resolutions are considered sacred in some cases because inability to fulfil them means the entire year was a waste. To make these vows year-in-year-out without fulfilling them could also means that such person(s) is (or are) failure(s). To avoid these self-defeating ‘ghost’ that often haunts into the new year, another new year, many often make die minute frantic efforts to fulfil their resolutions.
Ok. Did you now see my point? To me, Farouk, a Nigerian from a wealthy home is likely to be one of those that believe in resolutions. The attempt to blow-up part of Detroit, I insist, is an attempt to fulfil his 2009 (then new year) resolutions. As a trained suicide bombing ‘muslim’, to die in the process is a virtue that must be utilized in 2009, who knows the reward for suicide bombing might have reduced remarkably in 2010.
His failure, should be a pointer to many youths that although goals and action plans could be set/planned for the new year, what should be planned should not be destructive rather that which will promote a peaceful world, not that which will ‘rock the boat’.
Make wise resolutions for 2010 if you make resolutions at all!
Yemi Ademowo-Johnson 
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