IHEU brings Kenyan Humanists together

  • post Type / Growth and Development
  • Date / 12 May 2010

IHEU has given its first grant from a new fund for developing membership organisations. International Representative for East Africa, Deo Ssekitooleko, brought together Humanist leaders in Kenya for a meeting to try to resolve some of the conflict between Humanist groups there. IHEU funds were given to Boaz Adhengo (of Humanist & Ethical Union of Kenya), Moses Alusa (of Kenya Humanist Association), and George Ongere (of Center for Inquiry International/Kenya) to mobilise their members and fund their attendance at the meeting.

conference participants
25 of the 33 people invited attended on 8th and 9th May, but sadly the six expected members of HEUK did not attend the meeting. However there was a good measure of agreement between those who were there and they agreed to join the Kenyan Humanist Association (KHA) with some amendments to its constitution. IHEU looks forward to receiving a membership application from the new organisation.

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