IHEYO EC takes over YS, thanks outgoing editor

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 12 July 2010

Today, I would like to say “Thanks!” to someone who has successfully led IHEYO and our friends through the last years of editorial and interesting humanistic readings; informed us about news around the world and laid open critical point of views for further discussions and statements. That ‘someone’ is Ademowo Adeyemi Johnson who has been working as a paid journalist and as the editor of our organisation’s e-newsletter, YouthSpeak, since october 2008.

Yemi, as popularly called, started supporting the former communication officer of IHEYO, since the end of 2008, with writing and editing the newsletter while writing the new added column; but from January 2009, he took over responsiblities for the whole newsletter. This work includes an enormous research to actual happenings within and around the global humanist circle, contact data for the portray personalities, writing and editing skills and furthermore, enough knowledge for creating the online publishing on our website.

Ademowo Adeyemi Johnson has been doing all these tasks with great motivation and impressive skills. He convinces with his power and straight work that the quality of the newsletter has been enhanced since he took over; hence, we got a lot of good feedback for our articles.

IHEYO is very much thankful for his work and efforts and we hope that we will be able to work in the future again together. The next YouthSpeak issue in August we would like to announce a survey of the YouthSpeak to evaluate our last efforts to update you around humanist news and mostly youth issues of IHEYO work and related happenings. We would be very grateful, if you take your time in August to take part in reading and filling in the survey for the YouthSpeak to help us getting better in our researches, analysis and published news for you.

We also would like to invite you for writing your reports, interesting articles and ideas for any kind of published notes for the YouthSpeak to us for an open and more interactive dialogue of our newsletter. That will also be part of our survey questions.

Once again, IHEYO wants to applaud Yemi for his great work and hope to read further good articles out of his hands.

Silvana Uhlrich (President, IHEYO)

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