Distinguished Service to Humanism award presented to Jean and Barrie Berkley

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  • Date / 9 August 2010

At its
General Assembly on Friday, August 6, 2010, the International Humanist and
Ethical Union presented the IHEU award for Distinguished Service to Humanism to
British Humanist activists Jean and Barrie Berkley. In presenting the Berkleys with this award, IHEU
president Sonja Eggerickx explained some of the outstanding
contributions this couple has made to the Humanist movement:

Distinguished Service to Humanism

The cause
of Humanism attracts many dedicated people who give generous support to
developing Humanist principles in many ways. Some give their time, some use
their professional skills and others provide financial support.

Jean and Barrie BerkleyThe service
to Humanism given by a special group of people includes all of the above and
more. This year, the award for Distinguished Service to humanism goes not to an
individual but to a husband and wife team who have supported Humanism for very
many years in the United States,
in the UK
and internationally through their support for IHEU.

When they
lived in the US,
they were members of the American Ethical Union. Then, when they returned to England, they
became active members of the British Humanist Association and at the same time
both worked hard on behalf of North East Humanists.They also have strong links
with Africa and have played a major role in supporting the work of IHEU in East
and West Africa, particularly in helping the development of the Humanist
schools in Uganda.
They have visited Uganda
many times and are part of IHEU’s Advisory Committee on the Humanist Schools in
He is also a member of IHEU’s Membership Growth and Development Committee, as
he takes a great interest in new and emerging groups, working towards IHEU’s
long term aim to have a sustainable Humanist membership organisation in every

By now, I’m
sure that most of you have worked out that I am speaking of that quite
wonderful couple, Jean and Barrie Berkley—so Jean and Barrie would you please
come forward and receive your award.

Barrie and
Jean, congratulations on this well-deserved recognition of your commitment to Humanism
and thank you for all you have done to promote the ideals of Humanism and the
work of IHEU.

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