GA 2010 – Agenda

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 9 September 2010

Agenda for the General Assembly 2010

First session: Friday 8th October, 19.00 – 21.00

Opening of the General Assembly by the President/EC IHEYO
1. Procedural matters
a) Stating the delegates of the General Assembly
b) Approval of the Agenda
c) Electing Meeting Secretary
2. Accountings for 2009
a) Presentation of Accountings
b) Election of Auditing Committee
3. Presentation of Action Plan 2011
4. Presentation of the proposal for membership changes

Second session: Sunday 10th October, 10.00-14.00

5. Presentation and adoption of Annual report 2009
6. Adoption of Accountings for 2009
6. Granting discharge to the Executive Committee
7. Treating and adoption of Action Plan 2011
8. Treating proposed Budget for 2011
a) Membership fees
b) Adoption of Budget
9. Adoption of membership changes
10. Election of IHEYO board members
11. Treatment and adoption of new member organisations
12. Closing of the General Assembly by the President/EC IHEYO

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