First Humanist Festival in India

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 18 October 2010

One of the IHEYO member in India is organizing a Humanist Cultural festival in North India starting from October 13th to October 14th. the program will be organized in the yard of Dalit community. Two days have been devoted to cultural events to bring together humanist from different parts of India and Nepal at least. This of course, is a very first step and beginning. The organizer is expecting some 100 participants. Participants will enjoy and demonstrate their creation by poem, miracle exposure, cultural dance, humanist songs, puppet shows etc.

The program will be organized in Khusinagar, Utter Pradesh, India which is the model Dalit village of India where active Dalits are enjoying their humanist life stance despite challenge of extreme poverty. Social development Foundation (SDF) India is working with local community for several years. SDF India is also a member organisation of International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation (IHEYO).

The organized humanist movement is young movement in South Asia although there were several humanists’ activists have furnished brilliant humanist worldview. Current initiation of IHEU and IHEYO in collaboration with local humanist organisations contributes to expand organized humanist movement.

SDF’s initiation to organize the first humanist cultural festival in India is the first program of its kind in organized South Asian Humanist movement. It is a literal answer to those who criticize humanist life stance only as a materialistic, boring philosophical debate. This program is a starting of next side of humanist lifestance in South Asia.

Writer coined ‘first humanist festival’ because there is no content of any debate or discussion on humanism formally. 

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