Presidential Note

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  • Date / 19 October 2010

 Dear Readers of the YouthSpeak,

the golden October is starting into its middle and we are publishing our next newsletter. Unfortunetaly IHEYO had problems with its email server over the last two months and somehow we lost our mailing lists, including the newsletter mailing list. We are still trying to reactive that list as all our readers can just find our news now online over the website. We are sorry for that and apologize for this service gap.

Meanwhile lots of things have already happened. IHEYOs General Assembly 2010 was held in Krakow, Poland from 8th till 10th October, where we could realize to meet with almost all European members of IHEYO. It was a really good meeting, organized with the support of the Polish Rationalists, PRA in their home country. Next to the new election of the Executive Committee of IHEYO, important changes have been made for the membership status to some IHEYO members. Due to the loss of contact to some organisations and the knowledge that member organisations are not exisiting anymore, IHEYO changed their status from full to consultative or delete their membership status. We will publish the list of these changes with the next YouthSpeak.

Furthermore we can welcome three new consultative organisations which applied for membership status into IHEYO. Most welcome to CDA Pakistan, LEAD Trust Bangladesh and Dalit Manavadhikar Kendra Samiti India. We also welcome Amund Bugge from Norway into the EC as new board member. He was the only new candidate, who applied for EC candidature. Other EC members applied for re-election and have been elected again for two years. We just have to say goodbye to our treasurer Abhilash K., who had to leave the EC after his election time due to a very tight professional work schedule. Nevetheless, we hope to stay in a very close contact with him through AHA or other communication channels. The new board of IHEYO 2010 looks as follows:

Silvana Uhlrich, Germany – President (re-elected for 2 years)
Uttam Niraula, Nepal – 1st Vize (re-elected for 2 years)
Gea Meijers, Belgium/Netherlands – 2nd Vize (Interim Treasurer/ re-elected for 2 years)
Asaba Lawrence, Uganda/US – Secretary General
Betty Nasaka, Uganda – Board Member
Slabe Sennay, Liberia/Phillipines – Board Member
Sven B. Ryen, Norway/Singapure – Board Member (re-elected for 2 years)
Gulalai Ismail, Pakistan – Board Member
Alphonso Weah, Liberia – Board Member
Amund Bugge, Norway – Board Member (elected for 2 years)

We are very much happy about this trust into our work and would like to thank all the people, who are supporting us within our IHEYO work and goals.

Next to the GA, the participants had the chance to attend to next European working group meeting (EWG), which was the first after the establishing of the group in 2008. The first task was to identify national activities and possibilities of bring them into a global content. Furthermore the EWG group has the goal to realize the youth actvities around the IHEU congress in Oslo 2011, where IHEYO will be present with the youth sessions as well. For that, IHEYO is working already close with HU, Norway and IHEU together and other European groups are invited to take part.

Finally, all participants could attend the Humanist march on 9th October in Krakow, which was a highlight in the program from the Polish side. Here, IHEYO members had the chance to see active humanist work in Poland and could meet up with other interest people from different organisations in Europe like France, Germany or Poland. We hope, that the new ties can become stronger between these organisations and IHEYO members.

The next issue will bring you more detailes to events and activites from our October sessions, but till then we hope you enjoy the reading of our actual news.

With regards,
Silvana Uhlrich,
President IHEYO

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