IHEU appeals for donations

  • post Type / Growth and Development
  • Date / 17 December 2010

IHEU is working for a Humanist, rational world in many ways. Our work on Human Rights at the United Nations and other inter-governmental organizations is widely recognised as of fundamental importance. And we are working closely with Humanists in India, Africa and elsewhere to improve education, combat superstition and fight prejudice.  See the “Humanism in Action” box on the front page of http://www.iheu.org for more information on our programmes.

Our financial resources are tiny compared with the reactionary forces of organized religions and we depend to a great extent on the support and commitment of our members and supporters.  
If you share our vision of a new “Age of Reason”, please give as much as you possibly can to help our work. Hundreds of thousands of individuals visit our website and if all those of you able to do so were to send us a donation, large or small, it would make a tremendous difference to our rate of progress.
You can give via your credit card or by sending a cheque. Please go to http://www.iheu.org/donate for more details. If in doubt, please contact IHEU for more information.

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