IHEYO, AHA meeting (2010, Kathmandu, Nepal) report:

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  • Date / 21 December 2010

On the Occasion of Humanist Leadership Training on Humanism,  Nov 17-20, Kathmandu,  Asian working group of International Humanist and Ethical Youth Union (IHEYO), AHA met up to discuss the problem in their community and the possible way to tackle those obstructions to heighten Humanist movement in their respective country.  The participants were from Nepal, India, Bhutan and Bangladesh, who divided into group respective of their country they represent. After rigorous discussion they came up with the finding which is presented as following.

Coordinator: Sanjay will coordinate the youth activities in Nepal for AHA. 
Nepalese participant pointed out the major problem that is hindering humanist movement in Nepal. They figured out some major problem in our society, and there modest solution through humanist approach to that problem.
The various problems were categorized as following:       
– Socio economic,  
– Legal,
– Religious,
– Political,  

Socio- economic problem encompasses  
– Untouchability,  
– Witch craft,
– Chowpadi system,
– Dowry system,  
– Human trafficking,  
– Child marriage,
– Un-employment,
– High-rate of consumption,  
Legal Problems:
– No Rule of law,
– No supremacy of law,
– No Independent Judiciary,
– Over Politicization in each sector,
– Lake of implementation of rules, Articles, provision etc.
Religions Problems:  
– Cast hierarchy in each religious group,
– Non secular practices,
– Politicization of religion,
Political Problems:
– Politicization of crime,
– Criminalization of polities,  
– Non secular in nature,
– Corruption. 

These are the major obstruction to be faced by the activist dedicated to Humanist movement in Nepal. The team also figured out possible solution to the problem, and how they can boost humanist activities in their community.
The solution offered by the Nepalese team is listed as following:

Humanist movement can be cultivated through the following strategy.  
Injecting the humanist perspectives in political parties agenda,
Systematic research on superstitions problem,  
Activities to be done in order to apply the strategy for a humanist society.
Awareness program
Collective solution,
Anti-equity program
National Teacher conferences, video show, and similar mass oriented program
Continuation of Seminars


Coordinators: Deepmala, Dheeraj and Suman (since they represent different society, they contribute AHA from different places)

– Untouchability,
– Superstitions,  
– Gender caste discrimination,
– Communalism,
– Lack of Humanist Organization,  
The problem can be deal with following tools for the humanist effort to grow bigger in India.
– Campaign against Untouchability
– E- Newsletter,
– Capacity Building of youth in the organizations,
– Cultural change through music, drama, theatre, against superstitions & social evils
– Miracle exposure program in school, with children & teachers. 

Bangladeshi Team leaded by Feroz pointed the following major problem in their country:  
– Poverty,
– Lake of proper education,
– providence/superstition,
– political linkage with religions,
– Fatwa by the mullah,
– Untouchability,
– Fundamentalist character,
– Conflict among the religions. 
Regarding the problem they have been facing, they put forward the following action plan that can be implemented for the humanist movement in the country.
Personal level: Information collection & distributions: If some sees some important information suitable for sharing in team, if someone is familiar about humanist program happening, each person will be sharing the information in
AHA level at least.
Organization level: This solution include activities that a organization can do for this propose:

– Educational curriculum development for Humanist studies
– Voluntary working group discussion group,
– Teacher training, Youth leaders training
National level:  The following activities can be done in national Level, with close contact with other like minded organization:
 – Media campaign,
 – Networking with like minding people & org,
 – National level conference,
International level:
This is one of the best way to develop your organizational network, and learn how different humanist are tackling the problem, and learn what suits the bet. Thus international networking also provide a pressure , as well as strengthen the organizational effort.
 International level Conference,
 Joint bulletin Publication,
 Internship with in National & International level,
Final AHA action plan of AHA (Asian Humanist Alliance, IHEYO):
These are the major problem and probable solution each group put forth. The problem
were discussed openly, and a conscientious brainstorming finally come with an
Action plan of AHA, that was they all agreed to strengthen the Humanist movements in South Asia as a unit.

AHA Action plan for strengthen the humanist movement in South Asia:
Information collection:  Keeping what is happening around the world, and gather information that is useful to share within our network.  

E-news letter: A quarterly E-news will be published for sharing what is happening among the AHA network, and get updates and inspired.  

Social Networking: Use of social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter  and Google group so that everyone is connected to ensure effective communication. The google group has been already formed.  

Int’l & national level conference: Organizing Intl and National conferences on Humanism produce new humanist activist as well as it increases expertise in Humanist studies. At least one conference will be organized in National and International level separately.  

Miracle exposure program: Effective miracle exposure program would be a milestone in eradicating superstitious thinking of general public, as well as it end the dominion of religious people by exploring their so called miracle or
godly power which is just a trick of science. Miracle exposure program will be shown in different community.  

Video Show: No doubt, Video have been the most effective tools to resent any think in the form of film , documentary, programs and clips. Humanist video show in different areas spread the Humanist education very rapidly. So the Team will use video intensively to spread humanist life stance. 

Exposure Visit: (Combine SAFA humanist) Exposure visit to enhance better understanding of the humanist activities and relationship Building. Advisory board (Advisors) Inviting humanist activist and intellectual as advisors for AHA. They can be also resource persons in future activities.  

Celebration: Celebration and festival bring out innovative ideas as well as it helps to create harmony and spread the message of brotherhood. Thus celebration of International Days like Darwin Days, Humanist Day along with other Humanist festivals will be organized for intensify Humanist movement. 

Application for funding: AHA will apply for funding in some donors agencies, for that it needs a legal registration in some country which should be done soon asking consent from IHEYO.  

Website: AHA will ask for its different page in IHEYO website where ideas will be shared.  
AHA will do its utmost to meet the activities proposed by the Asian working group. We further want to increase the network to other countries in south Asia, and ultimately Asia, provided we are financially not restricted. We thank everyone who participated in Humanist Leadership Training, and helped AHA grow bigger and stronger. 

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