Presidential Note

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 2 February 2011

 Dear readers of the YouthSpeak,

January 2011 started already with promising highlights for the whole year like the World Congress in Oslo, the Worlds Atheist Conference in India, the fusion of IHEU and IHEYO as one big umbrella organization whereby IHEYO will become a youth wing of IHEU.

And let us not forget another big thing – 2011 is the tenth year after the first reunion of youngsters in the Netherlands coming from all over the world searching for other groups and humanists around the globe, looking for new ideas and projects, believing in a strong common movement of IHEYO. This was in 2001, this was the rebirth hour of IHEYO. Some of us were part already at that time, some are still active in the board, but lots and lots of new people came into the movement after joining IHEYO for one event, for one conference, for one short little time and felt being somewhere important, somewhere necessary to keep moving, to keep lively and active over this period of time. We hope 2011 will give us again enough power and energy to survive the next level of ten years, to grow with new and old friends, to become stronger and give strength, to become worthful as partner, as network, as a great pool of friends. Join us, we will wait for you.

Silvana Uhlrich,

President IHEYO. 

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