Editorial Notes

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 3 March 2011

 This is the last issue of 2011 YouthSpeak. We good bye year 2011 here. With this IHEYO enters to 10 years of age. In this issue, I want to drag your attention to the achievements and challenges of IHEYO in 9 years of its establishment.

We Humanists believe in science and evolution. IHEYO has com-pleted 9 years. Several ups and downs ware faced during the evolu-tion of IHEYO.

In this period, IHEYO expands to all region of the world through working groups and like-minded organizations. Aware youth from each nation are overwhelmingly eager to expand this idea among the members of the society. In re-sult, IHEYO is expanded in almost all continents. Interestingly, IHEYO has established its network on those countries governed by strict religious law. For an example many people suggested IHEYO not to risk the life of youth of Pakistan since fundamentalists are our big-gest enemies. But we created revolution. We Humanists are ac-tively working on those countries where religious fundamentalists also exists. Several African youth are facing the same challenge from fun-damentalists, but see how our friends are keeping the pace for better future. I salute on behalf of IHEYO, to those youth who have deeply realized the need of Humanist activism on those societies. Please continue the mission, we will achieve success soon. IHEYO is with you and for you. African and Asian working groups seems fully busy to inject the Humanist ideas. Both groups have organized several programs for empowerment of society. The European Working group is also planning to organize themselves in short future.

Journey of IHEYO till the General Assembly 2011 in Oslo seems full struggle too. It has established landmark to florish Humanism among youth with limited resources. In this regard we should also not forget those friends who established IHEYO spending their valuable time and resource. I can imagine how hard could those days be where there was no single person to give hand while establishing IHEYO.

At this point of time, IHEYO offi-cially became the youth part of IHEU. It is a historical achievement. Further, IHEYO runs with strategies and planning for achieving goal. Regional Working Group‟s leaders were selected in General Assembly.

Personally, being in Nepal I felt that Nepali Humanist Movement has also recognized by government. Government has invited Humanists for partnership for social engineer-ing. I suppose you also get same feedback sooner or later.

In 2012, IHEYO is publishing a book collecting its 10 years experi-ences. You can contact our treasurer Gea Meajers if you like to contrib-ute article. That book will shortly give the glimpse of IHEYO‟s 10 years journey.

Finally, year 2011 was a historical turning point of IHEYO. We as-sume year 2012 will be more ex-cited and full of opportunities.

Happy New Year 2012 and looking excited to be together for the cause. 

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