New video from Humanism and Peace Congress

  • Date / 10 November 2011

In time for ‘Armistice Day’ — which marks the 93rd anniversary of the end of “The War to End All Wars” on November 11 —  a new film has been released based on a presentation given at the “Humanism and Peace” conference in Oslo, in August 2011. The video “No More War: The Human Potential for Peace” captures the presentation given by Judith Hand at the World Congress of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). It is a systematically researched and well-documented approach for ending war on earth.

Evolutionary biologist Dr. Judith Hand presents insights into human nature that reveal our potential for peace. She presents the basics necessary to mount a campaign to end war and hasten a global shift in ethos from a dominator culture, focused on power, to a sharing and caring ethos based on family and community. As  Dr. Hand said to the congress in Oslo, “These are exceptional ideas. We are exceptional beings. We can do this if we decide to, and do it within the context of today’s geopolitical climate.”

Roar Johnsen, IHEU first vice president and organizer of the “Humanism and Peace” congress in Oslo, said, “Now local Humanist groups around the world can enjoy the brilliant and challenging presentation Judith Hand shared in Oslo. As she says, the first step towards peace is to realize it is possible. And her film makes a compelling case that peace really is possible in our world with the resources already available to us.”

The film is available for download for a small fee at http://afww.org/NoMoreWar_TheHumanPotentialForPeace.html  There is also a six-minute trailer available for free.

The “Oslo Declaration on Peace” agreed by the World Humanist Congress and by the IHEU General Assembly is available in English and Spanish at: http://www.iheu.org/oslo-declaration-peace

Other presentations, events and commentary from the 2011 World Humanist Congress in Oslo, Norway, are now available at: http://www.human.no/Aktuelt/Verdenskongress-Humanism-and-Peace/

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