President’s Note from our newsletter (jan-apr 2012)

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 31 March 2012

Dear readers, Without letting you know, we changed our publishing rhythm from monthly back into four quarters. Due to personal changes inside IHEYO, we have figured out that would be the best for us and also for quality of our articles, we would like to present to you. And indeed, since the beginning of the year, a lot of new things happened.

The Executive Committee was able to meet in Berlin not only with lotz of young people representing the EWG group, but also with the Executive Committee of IHEU. As the closer strategy between IHEYO and IHEU will bring us not only more support but also more duties, it was a good time to combine that within the meeting.

The outcome was a strategic update of both action plans and how to put our activities in the future months together. We will update you on regular basis to that. Next to the meeting of the EWG countries, which has been a very active one, we already met for the second time via skype and exchanged on our tasks, we wanted to reach and further steps. The coming weekend of Jong HV in the Netherlands is our next step in that closer working structure and lots of youngsters from the EWG countries will also take part.

Today we would like to announce a very special task to all of you. As you may know or figured out over the last months, IHEYO is celebrating its 10th anniversary of existence. For that reason we would like to create something with you together. What is it? It will become a big collage of pictures around the globe showing situations of young humanists in action of just alive. What do we need from you? A picture! Take your camera, take a snap just in your surrounding or out of your usual day life in your humanist movement. What does is mean to be a humanist in your country, in your part of the world?

Take part and become part of our anniversary collage which we will make to our new outlook of our soon coming booklet.

You can send in some pictures till the end of June 2012 to [email protected]

Be young, be active, be IHEYO.

See you soon. Silvana Uhlrich-Knoll, President IHEYO.

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