Presidential Letter September 2012

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 31 August 2012

 Dear Readers of the YouthSpeak,

We are happy to publish our YouthSpeak which highlights some very interesting events for the coming period and looks back to some great happenings of the last weeks.

We have been glad to announce this summer our General Assembly dated 12-14 October 2012. The venue for the GA is the headquarters of the Dutch Humanist Association, which is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

We had to postpone our West African Conference from August to a later date in that year, as we were searching for a new place to hold our conference. A Conference in Liberia did not match our very limited budget, given the fragile situation in the country. Luckily we found the Ghanaian Humanist Association as new partner, who is now working closely with us for realizing this event in the end of November 2012. Please find very soon the application and registration forms for the conference online on our website: www.iheyo.org

The IHEYO Asian Working group (AHA) is keenly working on coming together this November too in Nepal. They will also have a meeting in South East Asia about social media and sharing, especially with new groups. We expect a great exchange among our partners and some new activities after the face to face meetings.

Finally we are curious to follow and co-organize the preparations for the European Humanist Youth Days, which will become one of the greatest events for youth in humanist youth history ever. There is no excuse for not being there. Keep the date from 2nd till 6th August 2013 in your mind, make a cross inside your calendar and take it into consideration when planning your next years holiday. Be sure, you will not miss to be part of it.

What else? For sure, there are lots of things I could add now, but let me just wish you a wonderful autumn season starting soon and a open mind for all new ideas around you.

Silvana Uhlrich-Knoll, President IHEYO. 

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