World Humanist Congress 2014 pre-registration announcement

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  • Date / 30 April 2013

World Humanist Congress 2014
8 – 10 August 214, Oxford, United Kingdom

From Friday 8 – Sunday 10 August 2014 the British Humanist Association will be hosting the largest and most prestigious international gathering of humanists from all over the world.
Taking place in Oxford, UK, IHEU's triennial World Humanist Congress for 2014 is on the theme of "Freedom of thought and expression: Forging a 21st century enlightenment". It's a topic which is central to IHEU's policy agenda and of crucial importance to Humanist organisations all over the world.
Held in the centre of the medieval city of Oxford, the Congress will take place in the historic Sheldonian Theatre, designed by Christopher Wren for the University of Oxford, as well as the Grade II listed Examination Schools, and other venues of note in one of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious cities.
Pre-register now at whc2014.org.uk to receive updates and announcements.

Freedom of thought and expression : Forging a 21st century enlightenment

Freedom of thought and expression are two of the most vital human rights, drivers of progress and enlightenment now as in the past.  Yet they are two of the rights most under threat in today’s world. The World Humanist Congress, hosted by the British Humanist Association in the internationally renowned university city of Oxford, will bring together atheist, humanist and other non-religious organisations and individuals from around the world to focus on these values.

We will celebrate freedom of thought and expression, hear how these rights are being threatened, meet some of their inspirational defenders and explore how the humanist movement can contribute to their defence. We will forge new contacts, strengthen our existing networks, and help to grow the global humanist movement, to eventually realise these freedoms in every nation of the world.

The IHEU World Humanist Congress is an opportunity to strengthen the host organisation, the local Humanist movement, to connect organisations together internationally, and to examine a theme in-depth, with workshops and debate, and high profile speakers drawn from across the world. Host organisations are selected from IHEU Member Organistations in accordance with our Regulations.

Pre-register now at www.whc2014.org.uk to receive updates, announcements, and a reminder when registration opens fully later in the year.

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