Announcement – European Humanist Youth Days, 2-5 August 2013 Brussels, Belgium

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  • Date / 11 June 2013

European Humanist’ Youth Days | EHYD Brussels 2013

Dear Friends, do not hesitate to fill in the subscription application, places are limited.
Fill in the document on www.ehyd.eu
We will meet in thoughts for the Future of the world!!!

It’s time to make publicity for the event and the facebook-site https://www.facebook.com/events/193001810848582/?fref=ts; We need all 150 slots filled with particpants to show that the humanistic youth is active and has a strong opinion. Let’s make the world a humanistic place!!!

The European Humanist Youth Days, 2-5th of august will be the event for the European humanist Youth to show Europe that we are present and have a strong opinion. We have 150 rooms at our disposal and nice lectures, workshops and a cultural tour. So lets do everything to get these 150 slots filled with humanists. Be an ambassador of this event and try to support the youth to be present. With 150 people we can give a good signal to the world, so let’s make it work!

Don’t forget to inscribe yourself!

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