World Humanist Congress 2017: call for expressions of interest from potential hosts

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  • Date / 14 August 2013

Could your Member Organization host the 2017 World Humanist Congress?

The IHEU World Humanist Congress is held every three years, organised and hosted by one of our Member Organizations somewhere in the world. Previous host cities have included Mexico City, Mumbai, Amsterdam and Paris.

The Congress is an opportunity to strengthen the host organization and the local Humanist movement, to connect Humanist, atheist, secular and other organizations internationally, and to examine a topic in-depth. The theme of the Oslo Congress in 2011 was “Peace”, and next year’s 2014 Congress in Oxford, UK is on “Freedom of thought and expression”.

Levi Fragell and Sonja Eggerickx at Oslo 2011

Levi Fragell and Sonja Eggerickx at Oslo 2011

IHEU is now calling for expressions of interest from Member Organizations willing to consider organizing and hosting the 20th World Humanist Congress.

Expressions of interest are not a firm commitment, but an invitation to begin discussions.Congresses may be hosted by one or more IHEU member organizations in a country.

The World Humanist Congresses is part of IHEU’s Growth and Development strategy for Humanism worldwide, and IHEU can assist in promoting the Congress through media and public relations work, as well as organizational assistance where possible. At the Congress, Humanist activists from dozens of countries will expect to share experiences and training, discuss policy and learn from each other. The Congress should be a fascinating experience for individual delegates from around the world, and leave a local legacy of inspired activists and a bigger, better host organization.


IHEU has an inclusive attitude to attendance and will work with the host organization to ensure global and inclusive representation, reasonable registration fees and the development of an appropriate Congress programme. Travel grants are made available from the IHEU Congress Travel Fund, especially for humanists from the developing world.

Our aim is that the World Humanist Congress is a large-scale event with a lasting legacy, and the host organization(s) will need to work toward the Congress and its promotion for some years in advance in according with our Congress Regulations. Ideally, the 2017 Congress would be held outside Europe.

IHEU intends to appoint the Host Organization early in 2014 so that members of the 2017 Congress Committee can attend the 2014 Congress in Oxford, UK, and so that the 2017 venue can be announced at the end of the 2014 Congress.

If you are a representative of a Member Organization which may be interested in hosting the 2017 Congress, please see our Procedures and Responsibilities including how to make your expression of interest.

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