Meeting of Asian Humanist Alliance, IHEYO

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 1 December 2013

IHEYO has organised online meeting among Asian members from different countries on 15th December 2013. IHEYO Asian Working Group’s chair Mr. Sven Berg Ryen coordinated the program.

Following participants participated the meeting.

  • Uttam Niraula (SOCH Nepal)
  • Gulalai Ismail (Aware Girls)
  • Sana Sohail (Chanan)
  • Karina (Indonesia)
  • Thomas Fleckner (Patas)
  • Vidita Priyadarshini (SDF, India)
  • Joe Le Truc (Vietnam, Singapore)
  • GeeTha Anbalagan, Willie Poh (Malaysia)

Participants discussed on the event which is fixed for April 17 and 18 in Nepal. Asian young participants can also apply for accommodation and food support for the program. IHEYO has provided some fund for their accommodation and food.

Theme of the conference is Untouchability . Participants from those countries where there is no existence of untouchability can also join the conference.

All the participants were excited to write some thing on youthspeak of IHEYO. Organisers also requested all participants to apply for the IHEU grant for coming World Humanist Conference in Oxford.

Some organisations expressed their interest on organising Asian meeting on their country in 2015. 

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