One Life Entertainment: Humanist Empowerment through Music

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 23 December 2013

Humanist Association for Leadership, Equity and Accountability (HALEA), Uganda
One Life Entertainment is an Entertainment School based in Kampala, Uganda. The school offers the opportunity for talented underprivileged teens and young mothers a rare chance to gain the skills they need to become the ‘next stars’ in the entertainment world.

All teens are provided on-going training in music production, and also learn extra skills such as piano, guitar, and singing. One Life Entertainment also runs entertainment clubs in a number of Kampala schools.

HALEA’s well-trained teens are often given the opportunity to perform at functions, when the opportunity arises. One Life Entertainment, in conjunction with other artists, have performed at several festivals including end of year concerts, parent’s shows and social events. Furthermore, HALEA believe in live performance, which entertains their guests with exciting musical dramas that can move the audience from laughter to tears. The teens can sing, dance and dramatize issues being faced by youth in Uganda, including combating the lies spread by influential pastors and the dangers of drug abuse.

One Life Entertainment, with support from HAMU (Norway), has been able to help Ugandan teens to discover their potential and utilize their talents in a more creative way.

More information is available at http://haleaentertainment.wordpress.com/

Videos of performances by One Life Entertainment can be viewed on HALEA Uganda’s YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/haleauganda

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