Volunteerism: The Core of Humanism in the Philippines

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  • Date / 23 December 2013

On the 15th October 2013 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the island-province of Bohol in Central Philippines leaving thousands of people homeless surviving against the fears brought by the tremors of several aftershocks. 

The quake was also felt in the neighboring province of Cebu, including Cebu City (the second largest city in the Philippines and home of the biggest provincial chapter of PATAS). As casualties increased, a call for help was extended for the calamity-stricken province of Bohol; both private and government entities urged individuals and organizations to extend a helping hand to Bohol.

PATAS was one of the organizations that responded to the call. Through its chapter in Cebu City, the group started a fund raising drive for a relief operation in Bohol province. With donations from members and friends and the heart for volunteerism among the society’s comrades, PATAS was able to immediately head to Bohol to heed the need for relief goods and trauma debriefing among the victims of the catastrophe. Together with other volunteers from Cebu City, PATAS members left for Bohol with packs of relief goods and medicines. During the distribution of relief goods, PATAS volunteers saw firsthand the devastation brought by the earthquake to the serene province of Bohol. Roads, houses and other community infrastructures were destroyed. As most of the establishments selling basic commodities were closed due to the damage caused by the earthquake, the relief goods were of great help to the victims who, at that time, were housed in makeshift tents. Next month, the PATAS Bohol Relief Team will be heading back to the province to distribute materials that can be utilized in building temporary houses.

The Philippines, being located equatorially in the Pacific Ring of Fire, have always been hit by calamities such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and typhoons. PATAS, through its social responsibility and community services arm, allocates a calamity fund for immediate use in disaster-stricken areas of the country.

For more information or to place a donation towards the PATAS Bohol Relief Operation please visit the following page: http://patas.co/articles/activities/patas-calls-vo…

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