Marc Blondel (1938-2014)

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  • Date / 18 March 2014

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) is saddened by the death of Marc Blondel, president of the French Freethinkers (Fédération Nationale de la Libre Pensée, FNLP).

Marc Blondel

Marc Blondel (1938-2014)

The FNLP said, “Marc Blondel was always proud of his affiliations and his commitments across all the diverse areas of his personality. Nothing was held back. Above all, he was a militant trade unionist, the only title of honour that he allowed himself. He always refused decorations. The only decoration that he always wore was his trademark red scarf. There will be many of us who pay tribute to our comrade, our friend, our Brother…

“The National Federation of Freethought bows before the life, actions, struggles, and commitments of our comrade Marc Blondel.” Read the FNLP’s full statement in memoriam.

Sonja Eggerickx, president of IHEU said, “We express our sincere condolences to Libre Pensée and to all Marc’s family and friends on this sad occasion. His was a life lived in passion with a strong sense of justice and rejection of authority for the sake of authority – in other words he embodied the true spirit of freethought.”

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