Meet the students and teachers of Parivartan Kendra (Centre for Change)!

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 31 July 2014

Parivartan Kendra (Centre for Change) is situated in Mohammadabad, Distt. Ghazipur of Uttar Pradesh and is aimed at multidisciplinary extra curricular learning such as: sewing; art and craft; as well as computers.

The centre uses a rights-based approach and believes that inner changes within a community are also important. The centre aims at removing a messianic view of life. Hence, the call for change emerged from Mohammadabad. It is a place where SDF’s work with the Swachhakar community is greatly recognized. Young boys and girls of the community have gained a lot from the regular Humanist approach of the organisation.

The Head of the Youth Wing of SDF Deepmala is a role model in herself who has challenged many odds. She stood up to her convictions and has grown up with the organisation. She is now guiding our young team for developing a Humanist approach to our current problems. Under her leadership, SDF started a sewing centre for women from Swachhakar (manual scavenging community) in Ranipur village and Adilabad village in Mohammadabad. Women from the community are now learning.

Our aim is that the women and men engaged in this heinous practice must leave this work voluntarily. We want an honourable rehabilitation for women from the manual scavenging community. At our Parivartan Kendra, our colleague Shabana is training young girls in different streams. 

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