From Europe: Announcing the ‘We Need Youth’ Program

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  • Date / 24 December 2015

IHEYO - the IHEU youth sectionBy Samuel Fuks

This article first appeared in the December 2015 edition of the IHEYO Youth Speak newsletter.

The event, which will occur between the 18th and 20th of March, 2016, in Brussels, Belgium, is ABOUT, BY and FOR the young people (18-30 years old).

There are three axes in our approach by which we will try to expand our reach
1) Thinking about moral choices in society
2) Sharing experiences
3) Finding a way to become active (depending on the available project)

During the General Assembly (GA) of November 2015 in Oslo, Norway, we came across an active set of people.
A sub-event can be initiated, exclusively dedicated to IHEYO work.  The event can be spent in depth discussion about some topics, sharing experiences and planning a future course of action.

We are still in the process of formulating the event, which means we have a lot of opportunities to integrate special topics that people wish to discuss or that they want to materialize in an action. One of our goals is to create a common action or goal together, and be coherent about our demands and expectations. We’ve already received some topics during the GA’15. We are open to more suggestions of topics, lecture ideas, activities or anything else. If someone wants to do a workshop by themselves, they can do so. We are keeping it flexible, and would like to hear your input.

Here are some themes we have decided upon: problems of the youth, problems of solidarity, principles of equality and freedom, drugs and addiction, secularism and citizenship.

You can contact us on our Facebook page for queries or suggestions, or drop me a mail at [email protected]

Also announcing European Union initiative about Viktor Orban’s policy against the migrants in Hungary.
The project is jointly launched by the European Humanist Federation and the Centre d’Action Laique (CAL). You can find all the details here.

The initiative is still being reviewed by the European Commission, but you can already register to stay updated. Requesting you to share the news widely in your circles.

Samuel Fuks is a Humanist residing in Belgium, and is currently the Treasurer of IHEYO’s European Working Group. 

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