IHEYO Better Tomorrow Week, November 2015

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  • Date / 9 December 2015


New projects are always exciting and Better Tomorrow was no exception to this. Although it was not the first charity week, the way we decided to organise it was definitely something new. With well over 40 initiatives worldwide, launched by more than thirty organisations and individuals, Better Tomorrow is proving to be the start of something promising. The activities were very diverse, which perfectly illustrates the many ways you can be active in your community: HALEA cleaned slums in Uganda, HAPI Philippines showcased its feeding program, and the Center for Civil Courage and the Humanist Society Singapore promoted secular books. The list is long.

There are plenty of reasons why we started this initiative together, the main reason being it’s the rational thing to do as Humanists who want to address the world’s challenges. We wanted to bring together Humanists from all over, with the idea that a global altruistic community which works together can really move mountains. It’s now beyond any doubt that we can do so much more than just talk about the ideas of humanism and rationality. Now more than ever before, altruism, charity, and community work stands strong as part of our mission!

It will be interesting to see how this initiative will grow in the future. Undoubtedly, we will adapt and develop the concept even further. What we did was great, but there is always room for improvement. With the team and the momentum we have, I’m confident that we are more than able to succeed in this task!

Anton Van Dyck

Better Tomorrow Coordinator 2015

Wish to give feedback?

To make sure we can keep the concept as relevant as possible, we encourage you to send all your thoughts and ideas to [email protected].

Better Tomorrow is IHEYO’s annual charity week, which was conducted from November 9 2015 to November 15 2015, through IHEYO Member Organisations. 

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