Announcing first details of World Humanist Congress 2017

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  • Date / 20 May 2016

Update, 10 February 2017:
Please note that this event has been cancelled.

“Facing challenges to the separation of church and state”


Reboucas Convention Center, main auditorium

Reboucas Convention Center, main auditorium

Secular Humanist League of Brazil (LiHS) is one of the largest humanist organizations in Latin America, with 3,500 members. LiHS will be hosting the 20th World Humanist Congress of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU): WHC2017.

The Congress will be held at the Reboucas Convention Center in São Paulo, Brazil on the 3rd-6th August 2017.

WHC2017 will be a unique forum to discuss humanism in Brazil and globally, covering a wide range of themes. It is an opportunity to gather researchers, activists and intellectuals who want to discuss the relationship between states and religion all over the world.

Andrew Copson, president of the IHEU

Andrew Copson, president of the IHEU

President of the IHEU, Andrew Copson, says: “The IHEU and our Member Organizations from around the world are very pleased to be heading to São Paulo in 2017. In Brazil and across South America there are some significant shifts in attitude toward religion and secularity occurring. More and more people consider themselves non-religious, yet at the same time we are seeing a hardening of conservative and fundamentalist religion in many spheres. The Congress is a hugely important chance for humanists internationally and locally to learn from each other, to share ideas and skills, and to discover how we can best work together to uphold the values of humanism and the principles of secular democracy.”

More details on our Event page and the full programme and registration will be available on the dedicated website at whc2017.com.br.

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