Rational Giving Game

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  • Date / 4 October 2016

by Remmelt Ellen

iheyremmeltHow do you choose the best charity to help others in the world? This a topic I’m passionate about.
I recently ran a Giving Game workshop at the European Humanist Youth Days, which is designed to get you to compare charities and really think about where you can help the most. There was real money on the table (€10 for each participant) and vigorous discussions ensued.

Do you feel like me that we should think rationally about how to help those less fortunate?

You can do your own Giving Game at your Humanist group with this package humanist-giving-game or https://is.gd/humanistgiving], including:
– a step-by-step guide (feel free to adapt to your event)
– prepared slides for 3 interesting charities.
– contact information for free donation money & guidance

Here are some past Giving Games (so far, these have been collaborations with other charity-focused groups):
Humanist Society of Singapore
Humanist Community of Central Ohio
European Humanist Youth Days 2016

Good luck with improving the world! Feel free to hit me up on remmelt{at}iheyo{dot}org if you have any questions.

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