Humanists International awards 5 grants to “Regional Humanist Hubs”

We awarded a total of $15 900 to support the projects of five Member Organizations around the world

  • post Type / Growth and Development
  • Date / 3 April 2019

In January Humanists International relaunched for the third time the “Regional Humanist Hub grants” programme, focusing this time on Asia, our priority region for 2019.

The grants programme provides a modest boost for projects aimed at promoting humanism or humanist campaigning, or capacity-building for humanist organizations.

22 Member Organizations from all over the world sent their project proposals, for a total of a total of $95 000 requested, and on 20 March the decision was made to award 5 of them for a total of $15 900.

The 5 grants awarded in 2019 were the following:

Filipino Freethinkers - $6 500

Creation of a 21-episode podcast series with humanist activists from the Asian region, including Nepal, Taiwan, India, the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, etc.

Atheist Bogotà - $4 800

The art of thinking: a series of free courses on skepticism and critical thinking for 720 students in the city of Bogotà (Colombia)

Prometheus Society of Slovakia - $2 200

Delivery of a secular campaign to inform citizens in Slovakia about the 2020 national census, through videos, posted leaflets, and the creation of a new dedicated web-portal

Humanist Association for Leadership, Equity and Accountability - $1 800

Creation of a website to train and manage humanist celebrants and to provide information on how to organise a humanist ceremonies in Africa

Peruvian Atheist Association - $600

Delivery of 2020 campaign “Exonérate Peru” (“Opt-out Peru”), whose main goal is to provide information to the parents about the current legislation in Peru and the legal procedures to opt-out their children from the Catholic teaching.

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