Roslyn Mould, a Humanists International Board member

Roslyn Mould: “America’s Christian Far-right should not be exporting their hate to Ghana”

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  • Date / 1 November 2019

As the World Congress of Families (WCF) gathers to meet in Accra, Humanists have a clear message : “Your hate is not welcome in Ghana”

The World Congress of Families is an extreme US-based anti-LGBTI hate group. This group is responsible for the promotion of extreme anti-LGBTI and anti-abortion rhetoric around the world.  The WCF was added to the list of organizations designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as anti-LGBT hate groups in February 2014 for its involvement with the 2013 Russian LGBT propaganda law and opposing LGBT rights internationally. According to the HRC, the WCF and its affiliates are also linked to anti-LGBT advocacy in numerous countries, including on the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, the Russian LGBT propaganda law, and a Nigerian law punishing same-sex “displays of affection” and providing support to gay organizations with a 10 year prison sentence.

The Humanist Association of Ghana has been one of the biggest Allies and has been at the forefront of the struggle for LGBTI equality and acceptance.In July 2018, members of the Humanist Association of Ghana wrote to the Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Prof.Mike Ocquaye, after he made comments about Homosexuality being an ‘alien culture’. In this letter, the Association stated “ Homophobia is ratheralien to Africans and is clearly a colonial import. Ghana should be looking at being the beacon of human rights in Africa by spearheading rights for all minorities, including the LGBTQI community.”

The WCF is coming to Ghana for an event dubbed “ the African Regional Conference of the World Congress of Families” under the theme,” The African Family and sustainable development: Strong Families, Strong Nations” organized by Family Renaissance International and a group led by Ghanaian Lawyer Foh Amoaning called the Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values.

Humanists International Board member, Roslyn Mould, had this message:

Roslyn Mould, Humanists International Board member, and former president of Humanist Association of Ghana and Chair of the Young Humanists International African Working Group

““This effort by American fundamentalists and far- right evangelical christian groups to spread their message of hate on the African continent and in my beloved country where it has failed in theirs will not be tolerated.

“Homophobia was foreign to Africans until colonization and here we are again with history repeating itself. As a Humanist, I condemn the actions of these groups in their promotion of hate, inequality, undermining of women’s rights to reproductive health, and their imposition of their religious ideas of ‘family’ on us. This reeks of imperialism and a total disregard of human rights.”

We invite the International community, Human Rights Campaigners and civil rights groups to join in our efforts to expose the actions of the WCF.


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