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  • Date / 14 February 2020

Humanists International is proud to share with you the launch of Think, a group of passionate humanist activists and professionals who create entertaining HD videos on science, history and culture in many languages – starting with Bangla and English. Think was launched on 1 February and received a huge instant welcome from the humanist community, especially in Bangladesh.

Think is a volunteer-led charity co-founded in 2019 by Bonya Ahmed and Imtiaz Shams, two brave and incredibly talented humanist activists. By creating educational videos in several languages, Think’s goal is to spread scientific knowledge and humanist values all around the world, especially in those part of the world where humanism, scientific research and free thought are hindered by disinformation and regressive movements.

The launch

As of 14 February, Think launched three videos:

Click to see the trailer for the Think series in English

Tomorrow, 15 February, Think is going to release two new videos – to not miss them, follow Think Bangla and Think English on Facebook or YouTube.

A huge welcome

The project has immediately received a warm and enthusiastic welcome from the online humanist community worldwide. In particular, the Think Bangla Facebook page received more than five thousands like in less than two weeks, with hundreds of positive comments acknowledging both the necessities and the quality of the videos.

“Every video we make”, said Think’s Co-Founder Imtiaz Shams, “is based on interviews with academic experts, professors, and scientists. We want to bring to a wider audience evidence-led videos that will make people ‘think’ – that’s the reason behind the name of the project. We work hard to ensure that the information provided in each video is 100% scientifically accurate.”

Bonya Ahmed, Think's Co-FounderThink’s Co-Founder Bonya Ahmed shared with us her enthusiasm:

“Such a warm welcome from the Bangladeshi online community went far beyond our expectations. I invite everyone to read the comments we got in our Facebook page and also our Bangla YouTube page under the first video – Google Translate can help if you don’t speak Bangla!

“You will see how much people appreciate and miss something like this in the country. It was a humbling experience for me, now we have to deliver.

“We are glad to have Humanist International with us in this new journey. We need to offer a valid and bold alternative to the unscientific videos, full of wrong information, which have millions and millions of views everywhere online.”

Giovanni Gaetani, Humanists International’s Membership Engagement Manager, said:

“We are amazed to see what Bonya, Imtiaz and the whole Think team are doing.

“On top of that, we are proud to be part of this project. Indeed, Humanists International is funding Think for the second year in a row.

“The need for such videos is manifest and we have no doubt of the impact they will have in the short and long-run, especially in non-English speaking countries.

“Think is a clear of example of what humanist activists and organizations can achieve when they join forces to achieve a common goal.”

Think Bangla on Facebook ¦ Think English on Facebook ¦ Think Bangla on YouTube ¦ Think English on YouTube
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