Further delay in access to justice for Mubarak Bala

  • post Type / Action Alert
  • Date / 15 October 2020

Today, the scheduled hearing of Bala’s Fundamental Rights petition before the Abuja High Court had to be postponed after the judge assigned was taken ill. The petition has been slated to be heard on Monday 19 October.

Leader of the humanist movement in Nigeria and human rights advocate, Mubarak Bala has been detained without charge in Kano state for 170 days in connection with a Facebook post.

On 8 May, Bala’s legal team set about filing a petition with the Abuja High Court seeking to secure Bala’s release on the basis that his detention violates his rights to liberty, fair trial, freedom of thought and expression, and freedom of movement as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution and international human rights law.

While the petition should have been heard within seven days, the case has faced multiple adjournments.

Humanists International believes that Mubarak Bala is being targeted for the peaceful exercise of his rights to freedom of expression and religion or belief, and calls for the case against him to be dropped, for Bala to be granted unimpeded access to his legal advisers; he should be charged with a crime or released; if charged, he should be transferred to a neutral territory in order to ensure his right to a fair trial.

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