In 2021 Humanists International will award more than £120,000 to fund humanist projects around the world

The biggest grants scheme we ever announced so far

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  • Date / 14 December 2020

Humanists International has announced today its 2021 Grants Scheme: six grant programs for a total budget of £122,000 – £100,000 of which is restricted to support humanist organizations in developing countries.

One of Humanists International’s strategic aims is “to have successful and sustainable member organizations in every part of the world.” In order to achieve this aim, Humanists International runs on a yearly basis a Growth & Development Plan to provide funding, training, intellectual resources and other forms of support to let humanist organizations around the world develop and flourish.

The 2021 Grants Scheme that has been announced today consists of six different grant programs:

  • Development Grants (£50,000)
  • Digital Humanism Grants (£25,000)
  • Regional Networking Meetings Grants (£15,000)
  • Humanist Ceremonies Grants (£10,000)
  • Young Humanist Grants (£16,000)
  • Café Humaniste Online Grants (£6,000)

All details about the six grant programs, the eligibility and selection criteria, and how to apply for a grant are available on our website under the Growth & Development page.

The deadline to apply is 12 February 2021 and during the next two months the staff of Humanists International will make themselves available to discuss all project proposals with our Members and Associates.

Giovanni Gaetani, Membership Engagement Manager of Humanists International, commented on the announcement as follows:

“In 2020 the outbreak of the pandemic caught all of us off guard and upset the plans of many humanist organizations around the world. The emergency is not over and we conceived our 2021 Grants Scheme to offer substantial support to our Members and Associates during this difficult time.

“For example, our Digital Humanism Grants program aims to bridge the global digital divide which was made manifest by the outbreak of the pandemic, while the Regional Networking Meetings Grants program aims to overcome the growing sense of loneliness and isolation that many humanists around the world have been experiencing in the last months.

“We are thrilled to make this announcement and we really hope that we will be able to make a difference to the lives of many humanists around the world.”

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