Belgian humanists invite people to vaccinate themselves when their turn will come

  • post Type / Members and partners
  • Date / 9 March 2021

Humanists International’s Belgian Member demens.nu shared a video-message to fight misinformation around vaccines and to invite people to vaccinate when it will be their turn.

More than a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic sent the world to a halt. There was a lot of uncertainty, fear, and confusion. Not only did it ravage our health care systems but it has far-reaching social and economic impacts that crippled any nation.

Humanity’s way out? Vaccines. Through cutting-edge science, scientists managed to create and manufacture vaccines in record time to stop COVID-19 from spreading. Countries worldwide wasted no time in fast-tracking the rollout of vaccines to their people. However, another problem faced them yet again — vaccine hesitancy.

Our Belgian Member, demens.nu, launched their video to quell people’s fear about vaccines and combat misinformation, allowing them to trust more in science.

Giovanni Gaetani, Membership Engagement Manager of Humanists International, commented:

“We are proud to see our Belgian Member demens.nu spreading evidence-based information about vaccines and we thank them for providing their video translated into English, allowing us to reach humanists organizations and individuals all around the world.

“demens.nu’s video-message follows Humanists International’s statement on the same line, where our President Andrew Copson reiterated three fundamental points: vaccines are our main way out from the pandemic; vaccines are safe; there is though a need for a global policy to ensure equal access to vaccines to people all around the world.”

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