Young Humanists International welcomes five new Regional Coordinators

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  • Date / 11 May 2021

After a month-long selection process, Young Humanists International announces five new Regional Coordinators that will lead each Regional Committee for the next two years: Asia, Americas, Africa, and Europe.

Young Humanists International is happy to announce the appointment of the four new Regional Coordinators:

  1. Ding Jie Tan, from Humanist Society Singapore will chair the Asian Regional Committee;
  2. Ana Raquel Aquino, from Humanists Guatemala will chair the Americas Regional Committee;
  3. Levi Martin, from Humanists Liberia will chair the African Regional Committee;
  4. Andrea Ruggeri, from the Italian Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics will chair the European Regional Committee.
  5. Evan Clark, from Atheists United will chair the North American Regional Committee.

During their term, Regional Coordinators will be responsible for liaising on a regional scope, maintaining good relationships, executing the Young Humanists International annual work plan, and building resilient networks of young humanists in the Region.

Anya Overmann, President of Young Humanists International, commented:

“We have an excellent new team. We have four passionate Regional Coordinators who are excited to get to work growing humanism in their regions and advocating for youth. Prepare to witness Young Humanists International bloom!

“Young Humanists International will also be rolling out several initiatives this year including trainings, more grants, a robust blog series and social media plan, and a Young Humanist Faces project which will feature young humanist members and their stories from all over the world.”

Javan Lev Poblador, Young Humanists International Coordinator, said:

“On behalf of Young Humanists International, we want to thank everyone who submitted their applications. It was a pleasure to speak with young humanist leaders on their motivations for applying and hopes for the Region.

“I’m also grateful to the new Regional Coordinators. They have whole-heartedly accepted the new roles and are courageously committed to this challenge in realizing our vision at Young Humanists International.”

(This news article has been updated on 17 August 2021 to include the appointment of the new North American Regional Coordinator. Update: Levi Martin was appointed on 9 November 2021, after the former African Regional Coordinator stepped down from the position. Young Humanists International thanks the service of Larry Tepa.)

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