Young Humanists International: here’s how to create a youth section

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 9 July 2021

Young Humanists International releases a new guide on how to create a youth section for humanist organizations.

A youth section provides young humanists an avenue to fully, effectively deal with an issue that is especially important to them in their communities and prepares them to take on bigger roles in the organization. However, not all humanist organizations have one.

Young Humanists International created a guide for Members and Associates who are eager in starting their own youth section. This step-by-step guide contains all the fundamental information including advantages on why you should start a youth section, creating an action plan, branding, social media management, best practices from some humanist organizations, and more!

Anya Overmann, Young Humanists International’s President, an excerpt from the Guide:

“How do we get more young people to join our organization? This is a question frequently asked by Humanists International member organizations all over the world. It’s vital for us to create spaces where youth feel not only included but feel that there is room for them to grow and influence the organization as a whole. The future of humanism will not look as it does today– we are on the path to creating a more diverse movement that can young people will confidently carry forth.

“We hope this guide helps provide the practical information you need to carve out your own youth section.”

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