This is what Humanists International achieved in 2021 so far thanks to your support

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  • Date / 29 September 2021

One of Humanists International’s main aims is to empower humanist organizations around the world to be more effective, resilient, and sustainable, especially in developing countries. Any humanists can contribute to this endeavour by becoming an Individual Supporter of Humanists International today.

£92,000 awarded to 12 humanist organizations. 18 humanist projects worldwide. A coordinated global network of 154 staff and volunteers. These are just a few of the highlights describing Humanists International’s Growth & Development Plan in 2021 – scroll the image sliders below to read more about it.

All this work could not be possible without the support of our 128 Members and Associates and more than 200 Individual Supporters worldwide.

Giovanni Gaetani, Membership Engagement Manager at Humanists International, made an appeal to all humanists who care about the growth of the global humanist movement but who are not yet part of Humanists International:

“It is incredible to see what our Members and Associates are accomplishing in their own countries. We are proud that Humanists International is part of this, and we want to keep enabling humanist organizations worldwide to flourish and make an impact also next year.

“But to do this, we need the support of the whole humanist community. Our Members and Associates are already contributing to our work with their membership fees; individual humanists can support our work by becoming Individual Supporters of Humanists International

“This is why I am asking humanists all around the world to come together and join Humanists International in this endeavour, either with a one-off donation or with a monthly or yearly contribution. Any donation can make a difference.”

Support our work by joining us as an Individual Supporter!

We rely on the support of humanists like you to keep promoting humanism and defend humanists at risk all around the world. Please consider becoming one of our supporters today!

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