Humanists International: Let’s make final push to #ProtectHumanistsAtRisk

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  • Date / 26 November 2021

With only a month left to the close of the fundraising campaign dedicated to assisting humanists at risk from around the world, Humanists International renews its call to reach the goal before the year ends.

Thanks to the support of the humanist community to date, the fundraising campaign has raised £16,944, or 67% of the total goal. However, Humanists International hopes to reach £25,000 before the year is out, to better assist humanists who risk their lives to defend humanist values in their countries.

Emma Wadsworth-Jones, Humanists At Risk Coordinator of Humanists International, added:

“We are experiencing a paradox, because the better we get at assisting humanists at risk, the more other individuals come to know about our work and contact us. To help them, we need more resources. That’s why we need the support of the global humanist community: without them, we would not be able to assist the less fortunate humanists among us.”

Are you with us?

We need your help to keep assisting humanists at risk all around the world. Please help us to make a difference by making a donation today to our Protect Humanists At Risk campaign: any amount will help.

Donate now

So far this year, Humanists International has received more than 230 requests for assistance from individuals across the globe. Almost half of them reaching out to us since the fall of Kabul to the Taliban in August 2021.

The number of requests far outstrips our ability to respond. We are therefore forced to prioritize those cases most in need of assistance and where our efforts will make a tangible difference. Despite our limited resources, we have been able to provide support, mainly in the form of advice and referrals, to 124 individuals.

The money donated to the Protect Humanists At Risk campaign will go directly towards our efforts to support humanists at risk wherever they may be. Any donation, no matter how small is greatly appreciated.

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