Belgian Humanist convoy reaches Ukraine border with humanitarian aid

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  • Date / 16 March 2022

Humanists from Belgium have formed a convoy of vehicles to transport aid to refugees on the Polish border with Ukraine.

After a journey of 1,500km, employees from deMens.nu and Centre d’Action Laïque reached Medyka, a village on the Polish-Ukrainian border, on Monday night.

Yvan Dheur, who is an international officer at Belgian humanist organization DeMens.nu, as well as a chaplain at Brussels Airport

Four vans, packed with medical supplies and other necessities, were unloaded at the tent camp yesterday, then sorted and distributed to Ukrainian refugees .

“We are all very impressed by what we have seen. It is quiet in the car, words fail everyone . Despite the confrontation with a lot of human suffering, I am particularly proud of our humanist community, which has shown its full force,” says Yasmina El Boubkari.

Anne France Ketelaer, Vice-President of Humanists International

Anne France Ketelaer, Chief Executive of DeMens.nu, and Vice President of Humanists International, commented:

“The images of Ukrainian refugees hit us hard every day. In times like these, we must unite to help those who need it. And we did. I am incredibly proud of our humanist community, especially of those who took up the challenge to drive 3,000 km to deliver supplies and bring back 26 refugees. We’ve proven that we are compassionate when we are needed and strong when it counts. Together we stand with Ukraine.”

Véronique De Keyser, President of the Centre d’Action Laïque

Véronique De Keyser, President of the Centre d’Action Laïque, commented

“The workers that we sent to the border told us how impressive the number of refugees coming to seek our protection was. We must get ready: our solidarity will be necessary for a long time. It is our duty, as Humanists, to demonstrate our commitment and to show how welcoming we are to all refugees without discrimination in our respective countries. We must act now and later.”

deMens.nu is still collecting funds to help Ukrainian refugees. You can donate to BE 55 9734 2242 6344.

With this money, deMens.nu and CAL are buying bandages, syringes, infusions,, paracetamol, ibuprofen, isobetadine, styptic drugs, antibiotics, haemostatic agents, but also baby food, milk powder, wet wipes, sanitary towels, candles, diapers, thermal blankets, gloves, hats, stockings, backpacks, thermal clothing, ski clothes, sleeping bags, food preserves and ready meals.

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